When best friends Eric and Viraj first got backyard chickens, they quickly fell in love with both the chickens themselves and the power behind backyard chicken farming. Seeing our chickens scratch and play not only brought us joy, but also brought us high-quality, fresh eggs in the way nature intended.

Ramona couldn't wait to get into her new coop.

But we thought it was odd that despite how easy chickens are to maintain, they're not so easy to get. We spent hours reading through forums and searching the internet just to figure out everything that we needed for our new pets. We found it shocking that while so many people could benefit from chickens, getting them was simply too difficult. We didn't think it needed to be.

We went out on a mission to simplify the process. We work directly with manufacturers to make backyard chicken farming easy, sending everything you need to start your own backyard flock right to your door and helping you every step of the way.

We're passionate about bringing the power of local to everyone's backyard, and we plan on doing it two chickens at a time.


We believe there’s a better way to feed our chickens.

We love the protein-packed eggs that our chickens give us on the daily. However, we felt like we weren't doing the same for them. We're told to feed our chickens oyster shells and mealworms, but when was the last time you had mealworms or oysters crawling around your backyard? Never!

Artificially sustaining their diet left us feeling bad, so we looked around for alternative solutions and found the black soldier fly, a real gift form the chicken heavens. Black soldier flies have an incredible 60 times the calcium found in mealworms.  Even better, you can actually find them in your backyard, and you can be sure that your chickens are way ahead of you there.

We teamed up with Maya, who grew up composting in her backyard and helping out at her family’s restaurant in Costa Rica. She knew firsthand of the vast amounts of organic waste produced by the food industry—and also the potential power that could be harnessed by putting those nutrients back into the system.  

Black soldier fly larvae provide that power. They are among the world's most efficient converters of food scraps into high-quality protein and nutrients. So we started looking around the world, in search of people trying to make a difference in their communities—people who were taking food waste from local, small-scale food producers and turning it into sustainable insect protein. We even started doing it ourselves in our community in Ann Arbor, MI. 

Thus, Edibugs were born: the superfood for chickens.